1. Mark Kronquist
    8. February 2019 @ 22:50

    How might we help from North America


  2. Martin Rickards
    9. February 2019 @ 19:27

    Here’s wishing you all the best in the task you have set yourselves and continued success for another 170 odd years.


  3. Anonymous
    11. February 2019 @ 14:09

    Die AnalogeFotografie braucht euch. Kodak hat Ektachrome wieder eingeführt !


  4. Mike Hayslett
    13. February 2019 @ 8:07

    Tetenal is critical for analog photography. The quality is the best.


  5. David Rowan
    16. February 2019 @ 22:18

    I have come to love the Tetenal C41 and E6 kits for home use. I came back to analog photography about 4 years ago and prefer home developing my own film. With the resurgence of film photography we need Tetenal now more than ever to support both commercial and individual development efforts. I hope with all my heart that New Tetenal is successful!


  6. Alessandro Serrao
    17. February 2019 @ 23:49

    Yes New Tetenal, you made it!
    I'd like to see the return of a new s/w dia reversal kit or alternatively a pdf where Tetenal instructs how to reberse b/w material using only Tetenal products!
    That would be awesome…
    Btw greetings from Tetenal Italy in Rome.


  7. Andy
    19. March 2019 @ 15:09

    Guten tag…..or g'day from Australia .
    Wishing you the best of success, if Ilford can do it so can you.
    Stick to your roots and reach out to the home users, This cottage industry may not be the be all and end all but it is on its way back and can be built upon.
    incorporating "how to" videos on YouTube promoting the product and encouraging them to go for it……how about letting on you make excellent photographic paper as well ?😀
    Good luck


  8. J_Marco
    12. April 2019 @ 18:54

    Good luck Tetenal.
    Do you continue production of Tetenal Ecojet for Noritsu


  9. John Amiet
    22. July 2019 @ 3:04

    Amateurs have always been the litmus test for many photographic materials. Now that analog photography is more the domain of amateurs and the demise of commercial processing labs, the potential for increased use of photochemistry should bode well for Tetenal. As a retired professional photographer I remember using vast quantities of Agfa C41 developer. With it's demise, I switched to Tetenal with great results. Now my local supplier has stopped stocking Tetenal, blaming your insolvency. Please re-energize and prove your worth to encourage re-stocking of your products. We (photographers) depend on you and will support you.
    I wish you all the best in your efforts.
    John A


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